How to have a Beautiful Natural Stone Fire Surround

Posted by Justin on 7/11/2016 to News
Fire surround stone veneer
Have you found it hard to get a material that is easy to install and looks amazing on your fire surround? Their is a lot of materials out there but they all seems hard to use and not exactly what your looking for? We've been there! Its difficult to actually find a natural product which is beautiful, eco-friendly, easy to install and not make a mess out your living room. Open to keep reading!

Easy Remodel for Shower

Posted by Justin on 12/2/2015 to Education

Have a bathroom shower that needs to be refreshed? Looks old, out of style or just need a change? Flexible stone veneer could be the perfect product for you! We will tell you all the great things that it has to offer.

Customer Installation

Posted by Justin on 8/17/2015 to News
Customer Installation
Quick Remodel update. Check out our customer custom DIY installation.

Did you know all the places you can have real stone?

Posted by Justin on 6/25/2015 to Education
Did you know all  the places you can have real stone?
Cuartex’s Flexible Stone products offer entirely new opportunities for interior or exterior wall cladding applications. This product can even go over existing tile or other materiales to renovate a room in less then a day. Also, it won't make a mess out of the place! How great is that?

Green And Sustainable

Posted by Justin on 5/28/2015 to Education
Green And Sustainable
Flexible stone veneers are a sustainable building material because they only use the top layer of stone. This means that a thick slab of slate can reveal hundreds of layers of stone while leaving much of the stone for future generations. Processing this new material also reduces scrap because requiring tons of stone to be quarried, transported, mined, or processed is not necessary.

How To Have A Beautiful Stone Wall In Less Than 3 Hours?

Posted by Justin on 5/22/2015 to News
How To Have A Beautiful Stone Wall In Less Than 3 Hours?
Have you ever wanted to remodel your house or office wall but then thought to yourself, "Its too much of a hassle!"? Well we have good news! You can get a beautiful, natural, real stone wall in less then 3 hours and won't have a mess. How is this possible? Keep on reading our blog to know how! 

How to install Cuartex Flexible Stone Veneer

Posted by Justin on 5/6/2015 to Installation
How to install Cuartex Flexible Stone Veneer
Flexible Stone Veneer from Cuartex can be used the same way thin laminate type products are used. It will bend to a minimum radius depending on the stone color or type before cracking. With the assistance of heat smaller radii can be achieved. Testing should always be done prior to any natural stone veneer installation. It can be arched or bent inward or outward to meet a given look or architecture. Fiberglass strand are used in the making of Flexible Stone Veneer which gives it strength and flexibility.

Cuartex Flexible Stone Veneers vs Traditional Solid Stone

Posted by Justin on 5/5/2015 to Education
Cuartex Flexible Stone Veneers vs Traditional Solid Stone
Stone has been used as a building material since the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids and the Romans built their Empire, so why use Cuartex Flexible stone veneer instead of traditional methods?

Cuartex opened opportunity for wholesalers

Posted by Justin C on 4/22/2014 to News
Cuartex has created the opportunity for interested businesses to start distributing their products. The company wants to open new channels for their products to be sold. They remarked that they are looking for businesses that have experience in construction or home improvement.