Fire surround stone veneer

Have you found it hard to get a material that is easy to install and looks amazing on your fire surround? Their is a lot of materials out there but they all seems hard to use and not exactly what your looking for? We've been there! Its difficult to actually find a natural product which is beautiful, eco-friendly, easy to install and not make a mess out your living room. 

We found the perfect product to help you get everything you wanted out of your fire surround. Flexible Stone Veneer by Cuartex is an incredible product that is a very thin natural stone veneer which comes in 12 different variations. Since it is a natural product each veneer is unique and beautiful making your project one of a kind. There is absolutely no mess since all you have to do is cut it in the shape you want, tin snips works great, then glue it with construction adhesive to your wall. If you have a fire surround that used a different material you can place this product right over it! All you have to do is make sure you get it flat before placing this natural stone veneer, that makes savings easy! 

This project will take you less than 3 hours to complete, you won't have a room full of dust and get a beautiful natural fire surround. How can you beat that? 

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