CUARTEX Flexible Stone Veneer is a lightweight, flexible, colorful and unique stone veneer with unlimited application possibilities. The introduction of this exciting new material addresses a large need for a flexible, adaptable, durable and weather resistant stone veneer.

CUARTEX STONE is so revolutionary that it can be adhered over any standard building surface with Adhesives. For more information about how to use CUARTEX STONE please contact our technical staff who will be glad to discuss your application.


Design Green with CUARTEX STONE. Transportation cost, fuel and space are saved in normal shipping and handling compared to standard stone or tile products because of CUARTEX STONE’s lightweight and thin nature, especially when compared to standard stone or tile products.

CUARTEX STONE is also a Sustainable Product by utilizing only what is needed from the stone quarry. Because of the unique manufacturing process, each sheet of CUARTEX STONE represents just a thin layer of the natural stone.


Application of the sheets is simple and can be adhered to concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, MDF and Masonite®.

Flexible Stone can be used indoors or outdoors for cabinetry, fascia, backsplashes, trim, columns, furniture, display materials, signage, lighting and tile surfaces.

Rich, durable, and strong Cuartex Stone will add color and texture to any surface it’s applied to. The very tough fiberglass composite backing of CUARTEX STONE creates a clad structure much stronger than the original surfaces. When used as a wainscot the decorative effect is unique, bold, and durable.


  • A totally new stone veneer for indoors or out
  • 12 versatile colors
  • Lightweight and Green – Shipped with less cost than traditional stone
  • Flexible – Can be bent to fit tight curves
  • Thin Fiberglass Substrate – protects from impacts and creates a hard moisture barrier
  • Easy Cutting – Can be cut with hand sheers
  • Easy Adhesion with our recommended adhesives.
  • Easy to Seal – Most standard stone or wood sealers work well and enhance colors
  • Fast lay-up with large sheets saves on installation labor
  • No wet saw
  • Easily laminated to other substrates
  • Grout - Can be post grouted for any standard grout size
  • Sustainable – Utilizing only what is needed from a stone quarry

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