Cuartex has created the opportunity for interested businesses to start distributing their products. The company wants to open new channels for their products to be sold. They remarked that they are looking for businesses that have experience in construction or home improvement.

The business is promoting their new innovative Flexible Stone Veneer products as one of their hot sellers and will open more opportunities as their customers grow. This is the perfect niche for entrepreneurs to take action to start a company or for businesses looking to expand with new products.  

We know that businesses like easy to use products and will love these as soon as they get them. The stone is very thin, beautiful and easy to work with. You can save money on working hours and shipping. You can actually even cut through the Flexible stone using a scissors making it perfect to mold into the shapes you need. Also the great benefit about this product is that its flexible making it very unique and easy to apply on columns or rounded surfaces. 

We want to emphasize that this veneer is made out of real natural stone and that each one is completely unique. Making each application different from one another. Also, this product is perfect for exterior or interior, it is weather proof. All you need to apply this product is ceramic glue. 

This is why Cuartex has created this great opportunity and is very excited to partner up with companies that want to have innovative products that are easy use and apply. Are you ready to start selling these amazing products? We really want to encourage installers, distributors, constructors, architects and others  to take this great opportunity. So contact us now! 

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